The dance arts are an integral part of our country’s rich heritage, and we at Jazbaa strongly
believe in encouraging these different art forms. JAZBAA 2017 presents you with the thrilling
opportunity to showcase your talent in different dance forms around globe; be it with the beats
of hip hop or the melodious tunes of Carnatic music. Come! If you tried to imitate Hrithik’s
moves & Madhuri’s Jhatka’s but never had the chance to show it, here’s your opportunity…all
you Bollywood lovers we give you the biggest stage. The Accolades and fame is all yours!


For those who choose to define themselves through their moves; for those, who love spreading
the joy of life through their dance. For those of you who have always awaited an opportunity to
express yourself and show people your true self. Look no further. JAZBAA 2017 presents to you
– a solo dance. A platform which lets you paint the world around you through your unique style
and unleash the beast of dancing within yourself. So come and dance your heart away.
Just come and let yourself lose on the dance floor!


Jazbaa gives you a platform to get out there and win hearts with your vocal talent. This single
stage solo singing competition pushes to discover the best in you. Held in one of the best
venues on campus, jazbaa is definitely a great stage for aspiring vocalists to showcase their

Woo the crowd with the magic of pure vocals at our very own Jazbaa singing event. Who needs
instruments when you’ve got the power of your mellifluous vocals? Harmonize, sing out loud,
clap and snap. Jazbaa singing event is for all those who have been awaiting their chance to
show off their skills. Jazbaa has seen kickass groups from around the country battle it out on
the stage with their voices. Don’t miss your turn!