Reallll.. Barceee… El Classico.. Must have felt the heat. Watching Messi is fun, but how about
controlling your Neymar against opponents’ goalkee. No no no am not talking about Fifa 16.
Just feel the temper of your bot shoot against the posts. This event is all about makings and
kickings of the BALL to the GOAL. It’s quit intuitive that I must be talking about…..


Are you interested in racing or love racing than its golden opportunity for you to participate in
Robo Car Race…speed matter and as well as balance so be ready and participate to show your
racing…NO ..NO.. NO.. am not saying for Formula 1 this event is for manual robot car and you
have to race with robo car by not accelerator nor clutch but by remote control. Jazbaa 17 gives
you golden opportunity to participate this event.


I hate projectiles and those creepy angles.. This might be the reaction when you come across
statements like -A body is projected with initial velocity u… So it’s high time to show that all
those were not just Physics’ theoretical bluffs. Can you really use those to push you rocket to
threshold.. I hope you got it..


Heard of Brahamos, INS Vikaram Aditya, INS Vikrant, Chopper Chetak etc. Saw them! Do you
that first they come on paper, then simulation and then as working model. After all check-ups
its life like models are made. Moreover, it is a platform to show your creativity. You know
Tesla? Nikola Tesla used A.C for the first time. The problem with him was that there were many

things that came in his mind. He used those concepts, fabricated a model in mind tested it and
discarded them if they were supposed to fail according to him. This led to decrease in idea out
flow from him. Hey, after being bored from the lecture I would like to introduce you a platform
in which you can demonstrate your ideas of intervening into the FUTURE. So I welcome you to
MODEX, a model exhibition contest to test you creativity level.


Fascinated by the phenomenon and concepts behind the marvelous bridges. Here we have
something for you. You are going to get a golden opportunity to prove yourself by building the
bridge within our specifications, By applying a simple laws, and also having highest payload to
weight ratio. The bridge must be constructed of approved materials. You will b guided n
redirected by our mentors at every possible stages. An overview can b taken from HOWRAH